10 Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend Or Husband

I know you are here because you truly want to surprise that man and never get him the cliche boxers, singlets and cuff links guys complain they get often as valentine gifts. Lol! Don’t worry i got you covered. The 10 gift ideas i mentioned in this post are budget friendly so you can choose what best suits your pocket. You can also decide to get him more than two gifts. Yayyy!

I need you to also know that the best gifts are ones that come from a listening ear. What have you heard him complain of that he needs or recently ran out of? Take note. It’s in the little things! Okay, let’s dive in.


Valentine Gift Ideas For Men

  1. Quality leather Foot wears: It can be sandals, palms or a lovely shoe. Look at his shoe collection, which one amongst his sandals, palms or shoes do you think he has less and would want to buy for himself, get it for him sis. You can never go wrong on this one.


2. Send Money To His Bank Account: Ha! Who doesn’t love money being sent to their bank account?! Please if you can afford to do this, go ahead and watch him beam with smiles just like you’d also beam with one when sent some money. *winks*

3. Frame His Best Art Picture (Consider Line Arts too!): Does he have a huge interest in arts? If yes, find out his best art picture and frame it beautifully. If he is a fan of line art, you might as well, frame him one. Here are pictures from Pinterest on what line arts look like.


valentine-gift-ideas-for-men (2)

Do not forget to credit the artists when framing.

4. Apple Air-pods With Charging Case Or The Latest Apple Air-pods With Noise Cancellation: If he is a fan of Apple, he’ll hug you tight and lift you up for this. Lol!

valentine-gift-ideas-for-men (3)

5. A Beard Care Kit: Is he part of the beard gang? Get him a beard kit that has major beard care products and tools like the picture below to properly maintain those beards. He’ll appreciate it.


6. Stylish Leather Belt: While buying this, focus on the buckle material and leather quality

7. Take Him Shopping: Please do this if at this point you are still at loss on what to buy for him. He’ll appreciate it more if he gets to choose what he wants for himself than you just randomly buying anything just to give him a gift.

8. Print pictures of your best moments together: If you decide to buy one gift for him, you can print pictures of your best moments together to compliment it. Those pictures of you both that make you feel mushy when you stare at them, print them sis. Print them.

9. Paired Gifts: Do you want to twin with him? You can make customized t-shirts, sweaters bracelets or caps with sweet words inscribed on them neatly.

10. If you do not want to spend money, arrange a romantic dinner at home and play your favorite games. Spend time with him and re affirm how much you love him.


I hope this helps. Which of them would you get or do for him? Tell me! Guys which of the gifts above would you appreciate more when given to you by your girlfriend or wife? Don’t forget to share this post to help others that might still be confused on what to get their male partner.

‘And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.’ – 1 Corinthians 13:13


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4 years ago

Pttffff… Singlet and boxers for all my men please. Who’s spending her money on them?? Mbakwa

4 years ago

OMG! Thanks for this list, I had it in mind to get my mam a branded leather belt before but I absolutely love the idea of line art, considering he loves art too. So framed line art it is then!

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