13 Natural Hairstyles For the Holidays

Whoop whoop! Who is super excited for the holidays? I can’t be the only one! Lol! You are here because you definitely want to slay this holiday and i got you! There are also extra picture ideas in case you want some sassy braid inspirations that are not cliche. So what natural hairstyles can i make for the holidays? Let’s dig in!

    1. Up-do With Back Mini Weaves

Your up-dos do not have to be boring. You can spice it up with some creative weaves at the back like the picture below. This will come out well when you blow-dry your natural hair with minimal heat. Also use a heat protector while doing so.


      2. Mini Front Flat Weaves With A Bun

It doesn’t have to be a high puff all the time. Spice it up sis! If you feel your natural hair is not that long to achieve this style, you can support it with a natural hair extension.


     3. Side Mohawk With Flat Single Weaves on Both Sides

Have you asked yourself this question: How do i make my mo-hawk different and stand out from what everybody else seems to be rocking? Try this style out and thank me later. Make sure the single flat weaves on each side is neatly parted and your hair combed out for a fuller look.


     4. The Savvy Two Bun

Do you want to achieve a unique two bun on your natural hair? Check this one out! If your natural hair is not this big, you can always add a natural hair bun extension to spice it up.


     5. The Back Banana Like Up-do

I love this up-do. It is so unique. You should definitely give this a try.


     6. High Puff in a Unique Slay

High Puff? Mmmhmm! Let’s be honest, high puffs are legendary and always saves the day. You can slay it with the high puff anytime, anywhere.


     7. The Side Unique Double up-do

ooou! I love this. The picture below has said it all! Gorgeous! You should definitely give this a try.


     8. Let It Fro!

You can absolutely rock your hair without manipulating it. It is your crown.


      9. The Coil Pack

This style is super easy to achieve and chic also! You can use hair gels to hold them in place for a neater look if you want to. I recommend Gorilla Snot Gel for a lasting hold especially on  4c natural hair.


       10. The Popular Coil Pack With Flat Side Twists

This is quite popular and very lovely. You could definitely give this a try. You can try the second option of flat twisting all your natural hair


natural-hairstyles-for-the-holidays (2)

        11. Sleek Gel Up With a Natural Hair Extension

I love this particular style because of a certain sleekness and cuteness it gives one’s face when done. I’ve tried this for myself and i LOVED it. In case you want to install it and need help, click HERE to watch a mini tutorial. There are lots of natural hair extension options out there to chose from ranging from kinky to straight like in the picture below.


       12. Beaded Fulani Two Bun Style With Extensions

This is also one you could definitely rock and have necks turning.


      13. The Head Turner!

Lol! I just had to name it that! Damn! I love this style. I’m so rocking it this Christmas.


I promised you at the beginning of this post there’ll be extra tips asides the thirteen right? Here they are. This is for you if you want to make braids or weaves this holiday. I hope you find one you love among the three below.

Braids with bangs_Bob braided wigs

Fulani Braids (Braids With Beads), Everything You Need to Know _


These are my best picks for you to slay your natural hair this holiday. Which of them is your favourite? Don’t forget to always moisturise and seal so you can retain length. Are you new to the natural hair community and need a guide on how to go about your natural hair journey? Don’t worry, i got you! You can click HERE to download my natural hair eBook for free. It is beginner friendly and you also get be a part of this community and get beauty, lifestyle and interview updates straight to your mail.

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[…] 13 Natural Hairstyles for the Holidays […]


[…] 13 Natural Hairstyles for the holidays […]

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