20 Amazing Things About The Vagina Every Woman Should Know

Hey guys! What’s good? Lol! I’m super excited about this particular post because some women don’t know quite a lot of things about their vagina. It is a lovely part of your body and it is pertinent you know it well. Also, I’ve had conversations with a lot of people both male and female alike and I realized most people have a lot of unrealistic expectations on the vagina. This post will share the truth and things you need to know about it as well. Also, In as much as I know all these things personally, I also brought in the expert opinion of some doctors and gynaecologists in some of the points.
Alright, let’s get into this post.


    1. Urine Doesn’t Come Out Of The Vagina

Oops! To be honest, I just realized this a few years ago. There is an opening called the urethral opening and that is where you urinate from and not the vagina. This picture showing the anatomy of the female reproductive system does justice to this point. This urethral opening is often small, so that’s why we most times assume we urinate from the vagina.


    2. The Clitoris Is More Sensitive than the Penis

Yes, baby! This is the powerhouse of orgasm. Lol! The clitoris has 8000 nerve endings while the penis has 4000. You be the judge. The more nerve endings, the higher tendencies of being hornier. Yikes!

    3. That She’s Wet Doesn’t Mean She Wants To Have Sex.


Our vaginas are always busy with discharges. Ever noticed that? I had to include this because some men use it as an excuse to cover up the importance and beauty of consent before sex. Some women experience these discharges every day while others experience it less frequently. Normal vaginal discharge is usually clear or milky and may have a subtle scent that is not unpleasant or foul-smelling. It’s also important to know that vaginal discharge changes over the course of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

20-amazing-things-about-the-vagina-every-woman-should-know (3)

    4. Not All Women Reach Orgasm Through Penetration

According to statistics, about 75 per cent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone that is without the extra help of hands or tongue and 10 to 15 per cent never climax under any circumstances. Some married women I’ve been privileged to have this conversation with also described penetration as ‘just being there, they just get wet and in the end get frustrated because they can’t just seem to experience an orgasm.  So in most cases, the partner helps with the tongue, fingers or whatever they both decide to use.

    5. Yes! Vaginal ‘Farts’ Happen!

You smiled or laughed now, right? Have you ever experienced this? Yes, girl! We’re unique! The correct word is actually ‘queefing’ but I used the word ‘fart’ to be more relatable. It’s like an uncontrollable emission of air from the vagina which sounds like a ‘fart’ but not really a ‘fart’.

    6. The Vulva Comes In Different Sizes

Have you ever heard there is beauty in diversity? Oh yes! It also applies to the vulva. Different beautiful sizes I tell you. Embrace yours. Here is a picture showing the different sizes. Find yours in the picture below. *winks*


Image Credit: sustainnatural.com

      7. Pant Bleaching Is Okay…


Image Credit: instahu.net

I remember growing up, I used to be so ashamed of people seeing my panties when air drying them in the bathroom or outside because I was scared the bleached part would portray me as a dirty person. Thank God for mental and intellectual growth, I now know better. Bleaching of your panties is caused by the acid in vaginal discharge. Amazingly, the normal pH, or what is mostly considered as the “healthy” pH level for a vagina, is more on the acidic side and all thanks to the good bacteria called lactobacilli. Therefore, bleaching of your pant not only proves your cookie is cleaning itself properly but you are healthy. Cheers!

    8. Your Hymen Is Not An Indicator Of Virginity

The hymen, a thin fold of mucous membrane around the vaginal opening, has long been thought of as a sign of purity. This is complete nonsense. According to the World Health Organization, there is no test including the presence of an intact hymen that can indicate whether a woman has had sex. Some rigorous sporting activities like horse or bike racing can cause the hymen to break. There are also cases where hymens have been broken from accidental falls.

    9. Your vagina’s size and shape can fluctuate when horny.

Hehehe! It’s true! Wait! Have you noticed that? Try remembering to check the next time you are horny. But for real, i’m serious. It expands a little in anticipation of a penis. The biological explanation is that the uterus is pulled upward, which changes the position of the cervix, allowing the vagina to become longer.

      10. Some women are born with two vaginas

Some women are naturally born with two vaginas which in most cases implies the presence of two wombs and two cervices. According to Womenshealthmag, this is basically how it happens: ‘the female reproductive system is fairly symmetrical with two ovaries and two Fallopian tubes. The uterus is actually a fusion from either side of the system to create one uterus. Sometimes during development, things can go wrong and two uteruses, two vaginas, and two cervices can be created.
There are also some cases where the woman has two vaginas but with only one uterus and one cervix. According to Melissa Goist, M.D., a physician who specializes in obstetrics and gynaecology and serves as an assistant clinical professor at The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, it’s also possible to have what is called a “unicorn uterus,” where a woman is missing one side of her reproductive system.

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    11. It’s not creepy to look at your vagina in the mirror


Honestly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I feel like society creates this unhealthy mental environment where women feel much attention shouldn’t be given to their vagina in terms of admiration. How are you going to know down there well if you don’t look at it?
Bonus Point: While bathing, as I wash my private part region around the labia and clitoris, I smell my hands to be sure it’s all washed clean especially when I’m menstruating. I wouldn’t want my cookie to be smelling like ‘period’. Ladies, you know that ‘periody’ smell? I’m very sensitive to smells (If there’s anything like that sentence)  so I make sure I smell my hands on each wash. *drops mic*

    12. Your Pubic Hair Serves A Purpose

Before you shave off all the hair down there again, I’d love you to know that your pubic hair serves a very important ‘strange’ purpose. Mmhmm! According to Dr Geber, It serves as a protective barrier to genital tissues, particularly the sensitive vaginal opening. As well as providing a protective barrier, it also acts as a buffer against friction. Shaving can leave tiny and easily microscopic wounds on the skin, temporarily raising one’s risk of infection. Hygienic waxing facilities are fine and maybe better than shaving. However, be careful of waxing if you’re on medications containing isotretinoin, like Accutane, because it can cause the wax to more easily burn the skin.
But come to think of it, why would you leave the entrance to our great vagina completely shaved and vulnerable? Sis, when shaving next time, leave some tiny hairs okay? Yeah, thanks.

      13. Sorry! No vagina smells like perfume


I’ve heard guys argue over this and ladies worry their cookie doesn’t smell a particular way they want it to. The smell down there is largely affected by one’s lifestyle and biological makeup. Lifestyle in terms of diet and environment. Sis if you eat garlic, you’ll smell like garlic down there. If you are very observant, you’ll notice that what you eat most time reflects in the smell emanating from there. If you take lots of fruits, it’s going to be fruity down there. On biological makeup? If a scarf were to be tied on your eyes and several women brought before you to decipher who your mom is amongst them, I bet a lot of us would do that correctly! Why? Every human has a distinct smell popularly called ‘the signature odour (not the bad one now. lol!) which would even help you point out your mom quickly. So the vagina is always going to smell like YOU. Other factors that can determine that personal vagina smell are the fabric you wear, gland secretions, level of hygiene and personal blend of internal bacteria.

    14. The Vagina Cleans Itself

If you insert your fingers in the name of cleaning it while bathing, please stop. Remember we learnt earlier that the reason why your pant bleaches most times is that the vagina has a good PH balance. The vagina has several glands specifically designed to release fluids for cleansing and lubricating the vagina. Using soap will only irritate it and distort the vagina’s natural PH balance making you more susceptible to yeast infections, inflammations and allergic reactions. Only use soap and water around your labia and where your pubic hair grows.

    15. The vagina can get sweaty

Oh yes! the almighty vagina does get sweaty I tell you. If you gym a lot or carry out exercises, you’ll totally relate to this. In most cases when it gets really sweaty, you can feel the trickles of the sweat on your panties. Don’t be scared, my love. The vagina also sweats.

    16. When horny, your clitoris gets a boner

20-amazing-things-about-the-vagina-every-woman-should-know (2)

Hahahaha! You don’t know what is going on! Lol! Ever noticed that? It is called clitoral erection which is a physiological phenomenon where the clitoris becomes enlarged and firm. The vaginal lips may feel swollen and stiffer than usual. This doesn’t happen in all women though but happens in a higher percentage.

    17. You can’t lose anything in the vagina

Let’s wake up from myths we’ve probably heard and believed unconsciously. I’ve also heard ladies express fear over the use of tampons as some feel it might get lost in the vagina. But wait! Get lost and go where? The cervical opening, under most circumstances, is far too small to allow anything to pass through and if it did, you’d know it so you don’t have to worry about that.

    18. Can the vagina get looser if you have tons of sex?

Please tell whoever told you this to go and sit down. If it is true, our mothers’ vagina would all be looking like an open well of water by the time they are in their forties. The vagina is elastic and would always get back to its normal healthy tightness almost immediately after sex.

    19. Yesss! The vagina does change after childbirth

The cervical opening can change a little in appearance. Come on, guys! A full baby came out of there and remember some women go through the c-section. The vagina sure deserves some accolades. Doctors also advise women to avoid penetration at least six weeks after childbirth and in cases where there was a tear during delivery, the woman is to wait until she is completely healed before she starts having sex.

    20. The colour of your vulva and vagina changes when horny

Hehehehe! When horny, blood naturally rushes to your vulva and vagina. This can make the colour of your skin in that area appear darker. There is nothing to worry about as they retain their normal colour when you’re back from cloud nine.


Wooohooo! These are the amazing things about the woman’s vagina. If you grew up in an African home, you’ll know that these conversations don’t come easy around children and parents. So I’m happy we can all have that conversation here on my blog without any unnecessary feelings of guilt because the woman’s body is very glorious. Drag your friends to see this post by sharing and please subscribe to my mailing list by clicking HERE so you don’t miss out on anything.

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Until next post, shalom!

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4 years ago

Good one Viola, I have always wanted people to know these thanks for the awareness. Continue doing what you are doing ????????

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Wow…. I am blown. This is such an educational post, I loveeet. Good Job Viola

4 years ago
Reply to  Omayemi

This post is really helpful. Thanks for sharing with me.

4 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Stay amazing Viola

4 years ago

This article sooo interesting and educative. Thank you viola for bringing to light things that were hidden ???

4 years ago

Thanks for taking your time to put this together Viola. I love it and would share ASAP.

4 years ago

I really learnt a lot….thanks pretty ???


[…] 20 amazing things about the vagina every woman should know […]


[…] 20 amazing things about the vagina every woman should know. […]


[…] 20 amazing things about the vagina every woman should know. […]

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