6 Top 4c Natural Hair YouTubers You Should Know

These 4c natural hair YouTubers are doing amazing and are steady standing in the gap for the under and misrepresentation of 4c natural hair in the natural hair community. If your hair is 4c like mine and you are looking for 4c hair YouTubers you can relate with, subscribe to these women’s YouTube channel for a constant dosage of 4c hair care tips, tricks and hacks. In no particular other, these are our favourites.


Top 4c Natural Hair YouTubers

1. Viola Ekene


Viola Ekene is a Nigerian 4c natural hair blogger/YouTuber, Podcaster and Content Creator based in Nigeria. On her YouTube channel, she shares resourceful videos on how to take care of and groom 4c natural hair. She is very passionate about teaching and helping black women love and embrace their hair texture especially 4c hair. The underrepresentation of the 4c hair community is her main motivating factor for this. Her YouTube Channel name is Viola Ekene. She also has a beauty and lifestyle blog where she further shares tips on grooming 4c hair and lifestyle content. Talk about being multidimensional, she also hosts and produces her podcast called ‘Calm Down’ which has reach in over 20+ countries. Her podcast is a platform where people’s stories around the world are amplified. You can click HERE to check out her podcast. It is available on podcast listening platforms and Apps.

Ekene also has a closed niched 4c hair community on Facebook where she helps black women in their natural hair journey. You can click HERE to join the Facebook group. Viola is doing such an amazing job honestly.

Click HERE to check out and subscribe to Viola Ekene’s YouTube Channel and HERE to read her blog.

2. Jenn Jackson


Jenn is another amazing 4c hair YouTuber you should be subscribed to her channel. She loves to share different ways of styling 4c hair with minimal manipulation. Her personality is so lovely to watch. Jenn also shares lifestyle and vlog related content on her channel. Her YouTube Channel name is Jenn Jackson.

Click HERE to check out and Subscribe to Jenn’s YouTube channel.

3. Chizi Duru


Chizi Duru is a Nigerian YouTuber based in the United States of America. Her hair is also 4c and she fuses 4c hair content with lifestyle. Her fans love how her personality shows in her content effortlessly. Her YouTube Channel name is Chizi Duru.

Click HERE to check out and subscribe to Chizi Duru’s YouTube channel.

4. Nappy Fu

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Nappy Fu is another amazing 4c hair YouTuber you should be subscribed to. She shares tons of 4c hair care tips on her channel too. Her YouTube channel name is Nappy Fu Tv.

Click HERE to subscribe to Nappy Fu’s YouTube Channel.

5. Oluchi Assumani


Oluchi is a huge proof that 4c natural hair can grow to any length unlike some people think. She shares 4c natural hair care tips and lifestyle content on her channel. If you are a mother, you should subscribe to her channel. She shares her journey into motherhood as well. Her YouTube Channel name is Oluchi Assumani formerly Luchi Loyale

Click HERE to check out and subscribe to Oluchi Assumani’s YouTube channel.

6. Igbocurls Chinwe Juliet


Chinwe is another proof that 4c hair can grow to any length! Hahaha! The misconceptions about 4c hair piss me off a lot. Chinwe also share lots of 4c hair care growth tips combined with beauty and motherhood. Her YouTube channel name is Igbocurls Chinwe Juliet.

Click HERE to check out and subscribe to Chinwe’s YouTube Channel.

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These are the top six ‘real’ 4c hair YouTubers in no particular order you should be subscribed to their channel if you have 4c hair and want to learn how to groom and take care of it. Tell me, do you know any of them? Which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments section. Also, share this with a friend too.

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