7 Reasons Black Women Are Losing Their Edges And Nape Hairs

Why are my edges and nape hairs not growing or constantly falling off? If I were to be given a dollar each time someone asked me that question, I would be really rich now. Lol! One important thing about our front hairlines popularly called ‘edges’ and nape hairs is that they are very fragile hence why I call them ‘baby hairs’. Here are reasons black women are losing their edges and nape hairs.

Why Your Edges Are Falling Off and Not Growing

1. Years of Relaxer Usage and Tight Protective Style Trauma: Most of us before we returned to natural relaxed our hair for so long and made tight protective styles that pulled tightly at our edges and nape hairs due to ignorance. In most cases of these relaxers horror, if you remember, the scalp gets burnt. Over time this affects how rapidly our hair can grow especially for the baby hairs. The trauma on the scalp is still there and most times, it takes quite a lot of time for your hair to return to its natural growth rate.

2. Hand In Hair Syndrome: This is a very common problem and the funny thing is we do not know when we do it most times. This syndrome is simply a habit of always touching and rubbing our hair especially the baby hairs either when stressed or absent-minded. I have a post that extensively explains this syndrome and how to stop it. Click HERE to read.

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3. Tight Satin Bonnets and Scarves: Does this sound familiar to you? You have a satin bonnet that you wear every night to bed but in the morning, you notice the elastic band leaves lines depicting how tight it was on your edges and nape hairs. Also, if you wear head wraps or ‘Geles‘ that are too tight, this is a problem. What these things do is they weaken the hair follicles around those tight areas which cause hair loss later on. It also gives you a headache.

4. Application of Too Much Gel On The Edges: I know we always want our edges to be well laid and snatched but sis! Give those edges a break. You are weakening those baby hairs and if you remember vividly well, the tiny brush used in laying our edges usually have strong bristles. This much and constant tension leads to the loss of the edges and nape hairs.

5. Genetics: Aha! This is the big elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about. Lol! Believe it or not, genetics is a very huge contributory factor in this. Have you seen some families where they naturally do not have edges? Yeah! Genetics certainly plays a huge role in the absence of full edges and nape hairs.

6. Lack of moisture: This is so true. Most of us only moisturize and seal our hair but always neglect to moisturise and seal our edges and nape hairs which is very bad. Do you know what happens to dry hair? It eventually gets weak and starts to break so does your baby hairs.

7. Excessive usage of styling gels and glues for laying ‘frontal wigs’: I always cringe when someone uninstalls a frontal wig and their edges are bald. I’m like, ‘Oh my God!’ Please reduce the use of these frontals that require tons of glue to be installed. Your edges and nape hairs are fleeing especially for 360 frontals. If you can afford glueless frontals, please buy them instead of the former.


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If you’d love to read and learn ways you can grow back your edges and nape hairs, click HERE. If you found this post helpful, please share to educate other people that might be experiencing this loss.

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[…] where I shared seven reasons black women are losing their edges and nape hairs. You should click HERE to read it. Here are practical ways you can grow back your edges and nape […]

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