A Three-Day Natural Hair WhatsApp Class + Free eBook Giveaway To All Members!

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A Three-Day Natural Hair WhatsApp Class + Free eBook Giveaway To All Members!

Hey loves! I hope our hair is healthy and retaining lots of length. If no, then you need to be in this class immediately to save your crown which is your hair. (Never forget that Kings and Queens! Your hair is your crown.) In case you just clicked the link from any of the Sponsored Ads on Social media and just want to get the WhatsApp link for registration and zoom off, I respect your time dear. Click the link below to get the direct WhatsApp link and make payments immediately to secure your slot.


If you are like me that would want to catch a glimpse of the content and topics to be handled in the class, keep reading.

A three-day natural hair WhatsApp class + free eBook giveaway to all members! Click To Tweet

Learn how to grow your natural hair effortlessly.

Topics To Be Handled In The Natural Hair WhatsApp Class By Ekene Viola Orjiagu

You read the flyers right. It is a three-day intensive Natural Hair WhatsApp class and here are the topics scheduled according to the three days; 8th March-10th March, 2019. Please note that the classes start 5:30pm and end 8:30pm each day.


  • A brief reminder on why your natural hair is beautiful and why you have been deceived into believing it is not.
  • How to transition to natural hair
  • How to take care of your hair at the transitioning stage
  • Questions and answers

Learn how to grow your natural hair effortlessly. (2)


  • Full natural hair wash-day routine – The right ways and steps to wash your hair. You’ve been doing it the wrong way and that is why you don’t retain length and hair breaks all the time. This topic will be elaborated using a detailed video tutorial.
  • The right way to ‘comb’ natural hair. Forget it love, you have been killing your hair and going through pains while ‘combing’ it because you’ve not been doing it the right way. This comes with a detailed video tutorial as well.
  • Natural Hair Care for the ‘busy’ sisters. You have a 9-5 job and you feel taking care of your hair is time consuming and might never have time to do so? I got you covered.
  • Common hair problems and solutions. Some of the common hair problems I’ll be trashing in the class are:
  • Itchy, dry and flaky scalp plus dandruff. I sometimes have this hair problem but guess what? It is not a problem to me anymore because I have and use the solution. A detailed video tutorial will be used to handle this.
  • Weak, thinning hair
  • Lack of length retention
  • Questions and Answers

Learn how to grow your natural hair effortlessly. (1)


  • How to stretch your natural hair without using heat. On some days, you would want to show off the actual length of your hair, right? I know that feeling dear as constant usage of heat on natural hair can lead to heat damages! This will be taught with a detailed video tutorial.
  • Six simple hair styles you can achieve with your natural hair. You feel and believe a lot of lovely styles can’t be achieved with your natural hair? Relax love! I’ll be erasing those fears with six detailed video tutorials showing how to achieve the six styles respectively.
  • Questions and answers
  • ‘Rock Your Afro (Your perfect guide to a successful natural hair journey)’ eBook distribution to all members
  • Final words and appreciation

Learn how to grow your natural hair effortlessly. (3)

Do you now see I am offering you more than your money’s worth? Trust me, no natural hair expert like me will do this at that fair price which is 3000 Naira ($9). Did I almost forget to remind you that you will be getting my comprehensive natural hair eBook ‘Rock Your Afro! (Your Perfect Guide to a Successful Natural Hair Journey)’ with lots of illustrative pictures for free? There are up to seven DIYs (Do It Yourself) in this book for all class members especially if you believe natural hair is expensive to maintain. In that section of my eBook which is free to all members of the class, I broke down how you can make your natural hair products even a shampoo at home with as low as 1000-2000 Naira ($6) plus other useful goodies. Take a look at this bunch of goodness and useful content below.

Rock Your Afro

              Rock Your Afro

At this point, I know you are convinced and can’t wait to be in this class. Yes! I’m excited as well. Now, do me a favour. click the WhatsApp link below to join the class. Yeah! Let’s save you the stress of scrolling back up. I can’t wait to teach you all these.


Have any questions or thoughts? Please share them in the comment section. Is this your first time coming to my website? You are welcome! Please take a tour.  See you in the class!


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Can you tell me what system are you making use of on this website?

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This is really helpful, thanks.

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I can think of extra ideas that fit this. With your permission…?

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This is better information than I’ve found so far.

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