All You Need To Know About Hand In Hair Syndrome + How You Can Stop It

Do you find yourself constantly touching your hair? If you’re not styling it this minute, you are gently rubbing your edges. Lol! Sis, you have hand in hair syndrome. I do it sometimes too! It’s not a biological disease but a habit that over time becomes very detrimental to the health and growth of your hair. Some of the really bad things it does to your hair are: it leads to tangles, breakages which will, of course, lead to lack of length retention, split ends, single strand knots, frizz, dry ends and possibly alopecia in severe cases of overly pulling the hair. Also remember that as you constantly touch your hair, you are slowly ripping it off its natural oils or whatever moisturizer and sealant you use hence leaving your fingers oily and your hair dry.


There are different unimaginable triggers for a lot of people. Some of them are stress, deep thoughts (You know that moment you are thinking about something deeply. Lol!), hair hardly in a protective style, anxiety, nervousness and boredom.
Now, we’ve established what this syndrome is all about and the possible triggers, here are practical ways to stop this.

1. Know Your Triggers: This is very important and a huge step to stopping this. What triggers you to most times touch your hair? Boredom, stress, deep thoughts? When you know your trigger, you’ll be able to curtail the tendencies of touching and pulling at your hair.

2. Make It a Goal To Stop: Making it a goal simply means making it a point of duty to consciously stop yourself whenever you want to start touching your hair or already touching your hair. Setting goals are powerful and I believe if you determine to stop, you’ll stop.

3. Tell a Friend To Hold You Accountable: If you’ve tried stopping it yourself and failed, why not tell a friend to always remind you to stop when you unconsciously start touching your hair? A friend here can be your spouse, sister or brother.

4. Protective Style: Make sure your hair is hidden in the protective style. A lot of us confuse twisting our natural hair only as a protective style. Please always tuck your hair away. Apart from the benefit that it keeps your hands away from your actual hair, your hair retains length too. Also, don’t make tight protective styles. It’ll hurt your scalp.

5. Take a good look at the mirror before leaving the house: Always do this if when you go out, you are always conscious of whether your hair is still intact or not. This will minimize the chances of you always worrying and touching your styled hair to check if it’s still ‘intact’.

6. Always wear your satin bonnets/scarves: This is very important especially when going to bed. Wearing your satin bonnets will help remind you when you want to touch your hair to stop especially when you’ve set a goal to stop.

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I hope you find these tips super helpful and overcome the urge to always touch your hair

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