How To Go With The Flow – Episode 5

Do you remember growing up as a child, you had no cares and worries and flowed with everything? Oh! that feeling was so sweet and there was this level of in-explainable mental freedom it came with. But as you became an adult, you started becoming conscious of almost everything and at a point started shrinking yourself to fit into peoples’ expectations and opinions of who you should be.

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In the Issues segment of episode 5 of the Calm Down podcast, i elaborate practical steps on how to go with the flow and how our experiences and backgrounds mold us which might be destructive at times. I further explain the two types of people; those that are passionate with one thing and the multi passionate ones. A lot of us have lots of potentials and capabilities but we restrict ourselves a lot because of societal expectations that you need to be doing only one thing to be considered successful which is wrong.


An anonymous person wants to know how to overcome this pang of jealousy she feels for her best friend that is doing well career wise. She reached out to me in the Reality Check segment for advice and also wants other members of the community to drop one or two words of advice for her. Please feel free to listen and drop it in the comment section.



There are some things you should never say to someone that is depressed. In the Common sense rule segment, i list those ten things and why we should watch what we say to people.


This episode is very insightful and i encourage you to click the link below and listen. You can also download to listen later. The ‘Calm Down’ podcast is also available on all podcast listening platforms. Enjoy!


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