8 Ways To Grow Back Your Edges And Treat A Thinning Hairline

Our edges and nape hairs are ‘baby hairs’ and need all the love they can get. They are also very fragile and any amount of prolonged tension and friction will make us lose them. This is a continuation of a post where I shared seven reasons black women are losing their edges and nape hairs. You should click HERE to read it. Here are practical ways you can grow back your edges and nape hairs.

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How To Grow Back Your Edges And Nape Hairs

1. Patience: Surprised? Don’t be dear. Just like you need patience for your ‘other hairs’ to grow, you also need it for your edges. It won’t grow overnight and stay away from scammers that promise you products or oils that will grow your edges in 10 days. It is not possible my dear. I can’t lie to you. Just like every other thing in life, the cloak of patience is needed for this.

2. Stop Hand-In-Hair Syndrome: If you have the habit of always pulling your edges either consciously or unconsciously, you need to stop. Click HERE to learn about hand in hair syndrome and how you can overcome it.

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3. Stop Making Tight Protective Styles: Whoever told you that beauty is pain lied to you. Please whenever you go to install a protective style and it is getting tight, tell the hairstylist to take note of that. If it persists, you have every right to cancel the appointment there. Anytime I am going to install a protective style, I part out portions of my edges and nape hairs I do not want the hairstylist to touch. You should do that too to save those baby hairs.

4. Allow Your Edges To Breathe: If you are always laying your edges, sis take a chill pill. Allow those baby hairs to breathe. Give them a break. This constant tension over time weakens the hair follicles and causes your hair to start falling off.

5. Do Not Forget Your Edges In Your Moisturising Routine: If you moisturise and seal ‘other hairs’ and neglect your baby hairs, you need to retrace your steps and start showing your edges some moisturising love. If you don’t do this, it gets dry and begins to break and we don’t want that.

6. Use of Scalp Stimulating Oils and Treatments: You’ve probably heard of hair oils specifically formulated to combat hair loss. Vitamin E oil is a very good reparative hair oil as it heals the damaged hair follicles. Castor oil which is popular for hair growth contains vitamin E oil too. Another good oil is Rosemary oil which does a good job of restoring the baby hairs.

7. Use of Hair Supplements: Hair supplements contain biotin which helps break down the proteins you eat and build up the proteins that make up your hair, skin, and nails. This, in turn, promotes hair growth. I am working on trying some hair supplements and will review them here on this blog once I do so. Sign up to my newsletter by clicking HERE so you’ll stay updated on when I review one. You’ll also get my natural hair ebook which is beginner-friendly when you sign up.
In cases of extreme hair losses, please consult a trichologist.

8. Sleep On Satin Pillow Cases: If you notice the elastic bands in your satin bonnet sits tightly on your edges and nape hairs, please use a satin pillowcase.


These are practical solutions on ways to grow back your edges. Please share to help a sister that might be experiencing edge and nape hair loss.

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