How To Overcome Masturbation With Joshua Kesena – Episode 10

The Issues Segment of episode 10 had us looking at whether masturbation is right or wrong. Joshua Kesena joined me on this one to share his journey to overcoming masturbation. Here’s a short bio of Joshua Kesena


About Joshua Kesena

Joshua Kesena is a proud husband and father. He was a drugs, sex and masturbation addict who has been set free for the last 3 years and counting. This has empowered his passion to see other young people set free from any addiction. He speaks about this freedom on his podcast; Free Indeed podcast with Josh. He is also an advocate for Godly dating and relationships which he shares on his YouTube channel; The Kesenas.

Here are some of the questions i asked Joshua in this episode


  • Some people say once you start masturbating, you can’t stop. How true is that?
  • People in long distance relationships do argue that the key to staying faithful to one another is masturbation. Where do you think that is coming from? Do you debunk that?
  • Is masturbation in marriage cheating?
  • What is the only and best way to stop masturbation?

Want to know more of what we discussed? Go ahead and listen my dear! It’ll bless your heart!

How to overcome masturbation with Joshua Kesena on episode 10 of Calm Down Podcast Click To Tweet

It was such a coincidence that for the Reality Check segment, a member of this podcast community sent me a mail asking for tips on how to stop masturbation as he/she normally feels guilty after each act

For the Common Sense Rule segment, we look at 6 awkward questions you should never ask someone because it is none of your business


Here are 6 awkward questions you should never ask someone because they are none of your business Click To Tweet

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