Lessons I Learnt From Starting My Podcast

Yippe! Day 5! Lol! This is Day 5 of my personal ‘Blog every day for 14 days’ challenge! Hahaha! I showed up and I’m so happy I did!

If you don’t already know, I started my podcast late last year; December 2019 to be precise. I was so sceptical about starting because being a radio girl, I was unsure of how much time and commitment I’ll give to my podcast while trying to shuffle the two. At a point, I told myself I didn’t want to overthink so I’m just going to start. Fast forward to now, I am so grateful I decided to start. It has taught me so many things which I am grateful for. I’ll summarize this into five brief points because I don’t want this post to be super long.


1. The power of facing your fears head-on: You know that old saying that fear is an illusion? It is so true. Some times, the fear of starting is that part of you that wants to have it all figured out before starting. Of course, you should have a plan. I wouldn’t advise you to just start your podcast without at least having something to say but don’t overthink it. Now, I just realized it’s not so hard as I envisaged then and I am only expressing another creative side of me using my podcast as a medium.

Some times, the fear of starting is that part of you that wants to have it all figured out before starting. Click To Tweet

2. I have a voice: I feel like most times, we underestimate the power of what we put out as content creators. It has so much impact on people that you might never get to know. I am speaking into peoples’ lives and people get to connect with me through just my voice! Can you imagine! Have you ever listened to someone either on radio or their podcast and feel like you know them because you connected deeply with their voice? It might be the message he/she is conveying or the tone of their voice. So beautiful!


3. I can reach anybody in the world: This is one advantage podcast has over the radio. Anybody in the world can listen and it is not limited by time unlike radio that when you go off Air, that content is lost. Someone can still listen to the first and any episode of my podcast two or more years after it was published. It is there forever unless I delete it. I love this!

4. It is my radio: It is my radio station permit me to say. I can have candid conversations without bothering about breaching any broadcasting sanctions due to the sensitivity of a topic.


5. Discipline is very vital: I guess this is the hard part I am surprisingly enjoying. I have to show up you know and I am so intentional with the production of every single episode to make sure I am dishing out quality content for my listeners. I am also doing this for myself! I want to be able to look back tomorrow and be happy I didn’t publish any episode half haphazardly. I wake up by 2-3 am to record each episode because by then, everywhere would be dead quiet and there would be no distractions. The other works I put in behind the scenes like creating episode show notes, reaching out to guests, scripting and so on has taught me that discipline is important.

I am more than happy and proud of myself for starting my podcast and I hope these my lessons motivate you to finally start yours. If you don’t know how to start and the resources both online and physical you should use, I will help you. I offer podcast consultation services for anybody that wants to start their podcast. I will be your accountability partner and guide you till you launch your very own first episode! You can click HERE to see other things you will gain and click HERE to book me.

If you are interested in reading the previous post of my Day 4 challenge where I shared my thoughts and opinions on the trending Instagram feed/aesthetics perfection for content creators, click HERE.

Also, if you’d love to support my podcast where I create candid and thought-provoking conversations with guests from all over the world, click HERE to see what it is all about and join my inner circle. Don’t worry, you will get access to so many benefits and behind-the-scenes as a patron. *winks*

To catch up on the latest episode of my podcast, click HERE. The name of my podcast is ‘Calm Down’. It is available on all Podcast listening apps and platforms. Just search for ‘Calm Down Podcast by Viola Ekene on any podcast listening app you use in listening to podcasts.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.


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[…] If you’d love to read the previous post of my Day 5 challenge where I shared the lessons I learnt from starting my podcast, click HERE. […]

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