My Simple Natural/Organic Night Time Skin Care Routine

Ayee! I have been skeptical about sharing my skin care routine for a while. I don’t know but maybe because it is very organic and most people aren’t purely natural with their routine. No harm intended though. So in this post, i’m sharing what works for my skin with you guys and I’m pretty excited. I really appreciate the fact you guys rooted out for me and told me boldly ‘Viola share your skin care routine!’ Lol! This routine is still very open to changes which I’ll update you guys when I do but in the meantime, this is what I’m up to. Enough of the chit talks, let us dig in. Mind you that these are the very basics and I’ll advice you my friend to give this a try.

Basic Natural Night Time Skin Care Routine

Basic Natural/Organic Night Time Skin Care Routine Click To Tweet

Cleanse: This is the first and most important step to a healthy skin care routine. Cleansing generally clears your pores and keeps the dirt away. You don’t want to apply all those lovely beauty products on a dirty skin, do you? So cleanse sis! It takes off the impurities and also a great help to makeup removal. There are lots of good cleansers out there you can comfortably choose from but the best right now for me is black soap. Yeah! I know you must have sighed and murmured also immediately that ‘it is too drying’ and I totally agree but not all. I use this R&R Luxury liquid black soap which is 100% natural and I LOVE it! It leaves my face super clean guys and I can’t get enough of it. I wash my face with this black soap using warm and then cold water. Warm water helps open up the pores and get all the dirt out. I then dry my face by gently dabbing with a clean towel. I generally do this twice a day.


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Tone: Another good step is toning and is done with a toner. I call this the ‘extra cleanser’. I hardly use toners but I’ll try including it in my routine very soon. I’d recommend using Rosewater as a toner. It should cost about 2000 naira or thereabout. To use this, pour some of the toner in a cotton pad but do not over soak it. I recommend cotton pads as it will soak up less product than cotton balls. You know how fluffy and light cotton balls are! Use the cotton pad to gently wipe the toner over your face; neck inclusive. Avoid the sensitive areas like the eyes and lips. Make sure you use the toner on your brows, sides of the nose (those white annoying stuffs there, Lol!), near the ears and hairline. The toner will help ‘extra cleanse’ what the cleanser couldn’t reach. Most toners are water based so you’ll have to wait a minute or two to dry. Use toners twice a day after cleansing; In the morning to help remove sebum produced and at night, to help remove whatever your cleanser might have missed  as well as any oily residue. But trust me, after using black soap as a cleanser, there won’t be any oily residue. That is why I mostly skip toning but I’m considering including it into my routine. When buying one, avoid an alcohol based toner as it can be too drying when used often but in most cases, people with oily skin are always advised to buy an alcohol based toner. if you’ll buy one or currently using one, avoid constant usage. This will reduce the chances of excessive skin dryness. Use twice a week (i.e if you are using an alcohol based toner).

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Exfoliate: I can’t overemphasize this step. Very important! Exfoliation is a sort of desquamation but this time around, you do it yourself. This helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog those pores which is the main reason we often breakout. Well, I make my scrub and it’s very easy. You should definitely give this a try. Here’s how I make mine. It’s called the ‘Brown Sugar Scrub’.

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How to Make Brown Sugar Scrub

The ingredients I use are very affordable and are stuffs you can find around you. They are:

  • Honey
  • Brown sugar
  • Coconut oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Lemon

It can be as basic as all of the above ingredients without the tea tree oil but I personally love this oil and use it in making the scrub and on my natural hair.


Brown Sugar


Brown Sugar


Honey, Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil



Steps In Making Brown Sugar Scrub

Add 1 tbsp of honey

Add 1 tbsp of brown sugar

Add two drops of coconut oil

Add two drops of tea tree oil

Cut the lemon into four equal parts and squeeze out the juice from one part using a juice extractor and then add to the mixture. If you don’t have a juice extractor, use your hands sis! That is what I use. My hands!

To save more time, I buy up to four lemons and extract all the juice. I then store in a water bottle and refrigerate. Whenever I want to use, I take it out from the refrigerator an hour before to defreeze. This saves me the time and energy of having to extract the juice every time I want to exfoliate. Note that the stored lemon juice can last a month if well stored.

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How To Use Brown Sugar Scrub

  • Mix and apply in circular motions on the face.
  • Also apply on the lips gently
  • Leave for thirty minutes
  • Wash off with warm water
  • Pat dry with a clean face towel

This is how the mixture looks like!



I exfoliate twice a week and you should definitely do so. I also exfoliate my entire body but I’m so lazy to do this most times. I use this scrub from Eazyglow; an organic skin care brand to achieve this. Note that you can use the brown sugar scrub to achieve this as well.


Eazyglow Body Scrub

Moisturize: Of course you have to moisturize! I moisturize everyday and I use this baobab oil from R&R Luxury. The reason I’m so in love with this oil is because it is not greasy as most moisturizers but seeps right into the skin!


Baobab Oil

Sometime I use this aloe Vera gel. It is great on my face but not on my skin as it can be very drying.

aloe-vera-gelMoisture! Moisture! Moisture! Never Leave Your Skin Dry. Always Moisturize. Click To Tweet

Remember I said earlier I exfoliate my lips right? I moisturize too! I use whipped Shea butter to achieve this and it keeps my lips well moisturized, supple and fresh.

In summary, the basic steps to a healthy skin care routine are: cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing!

That’s pretty much what my night time skin care routine looks like and it works perfectly well. I’m very picky with products I use on my skin and hair but organic products have been giving me the desired results and I’m glad to inform you that there are no side effects associated with organics!

So tell me, what is your night time skin care routine like? Any products you’d love me to try and review on the blog? Do you use organics? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comment section and be sure to subscribe!

Until next time, peace out.



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5 years ago

I use Dudu Osun Black Soap but I heard liquid black soaps work better?
And urmmm, what type of sun screen cream do you use or recommend?

Maegan Ellerkamp
Maegan Ellerkamp
4 years ago

Wow, this was awesome. Keep writing this kind of blogs, you will get a lot of people to this page if you continue doing this. I will be visiting this domain more often. thx!

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