My Two Cents On The Instagram Feed/Aesthetics Perfection

How are you?! Lol! You can tell I am super stoked today. This is Day 4 of my personal ‘Blog every day for 14 days’ challenge! Look at that! I showed up for four good days. I need a pat on the shoulder. Lol!

I wanted to share with you my opinions on the ‘Instagram aesthetics thingy’ which is common among fellow content creators. Whelp! I love seeing amazing Instagram feeds with nice aesthetics and I’ve noticed one of the best secrets to maintain a cohesive one overtime is to stick to a preset. Cool. Now, I have tried that and I realized it doesn’t work for me. I always love to refer to myself as a ‘Spontaneous Creative’ which means with each new day, different things interest me and I don’t like sticking to a particular thing for long. Don’t misunderstand me here. For instance, I might take a picture today and love a particular preset and the effect it gives on that picture but tomorrow, I will just get bored with it. Then the whole Instagram cohesive feed plan scatters. Lol!

I thought there was something wrong with me before and I would always tell myself I was being indecisive as regards this but then, I realized that this is just me! I get bored easily and I mostly don’t like to follow trends or patterns. So, here are two things I had to remind myself of, which has enabled me to just go with the flow and not bother about always having a ‘cohesive’ Instagram feed.

instagram-feed-perfection (2)

1. It is MY page: I know as content creators we always want to make a good first impression with our feeds and it doesn’t help with the fact that there are a ton of masterclasses on how to build a ‘cohesive’ feed and get brands to work with you. But, don’t forget that first things first, it is YOUR feed and you should be posting things you like and matters to you. If you start to post primarily to get validation from the ‘likes’, you will get frustrated and anxious at a point.

2. Taking clear good pictures is all you need: If you think about it, it is true. If you are like me that is not a fan of sticking to a particular preset for your feed, remember that the unedited pictures don’t need so much filter to look ‘beautiful’. Just a few adjustments here and there and you are good to go!

At some points, I unconsciously try to compare my feed to that of someone else but I remind myself that I’m posting what I love and if I try to copy, I won’t be happy in the long run. And it is okay to once in a while feel you are not doing enough and should be doing more. Don’t forget you are human and it is natural to feel that way some times but don’t dwell there for too long and allow that seed grow in your mind. It will sprout to jealousy, unhealthy competitions, clout chasing and so on.

So yes that’s it! These are my two cents on the Instagram feed perfection thingy. What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them in the comment section.

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[…] If you are interested in reading the previous post of my Day 4 challenge where I shared my thoughts and opinions on the trending Instagram feed/aesthetics perfection for content creators, click HERE. […]

4 years ago

I loved this particular post about presets! I totally have felt this way before and I’m not even a content creator. I look at my personal page and I keep comparing but I love the individuality of each picture!♥️

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