Re-tracing My Steps Maybe? – Life Lately (Part Two)

Oops! I’m here again with another honest episode of ‘Sharing My Journey’. Lol! Ehmmm…How do I begin? Yeah Okay, I got this. These past few weeks have been a mental detox for me especially that of social media. You know one of the toughest persons you can ever have a conversation with? It’s YOURSELF because you can’t just lie to yourself. I was just emotionally down yesterday because I realized I lost purpose; kinda stepped out of tracks. Man!! I didn’t realize how I was trying so hard to chase the likes, comments, brand deals and so on that I forgot one of the sincere initial reasons I started my social media platforms especially was to impact, show love, really socialize and also be real. Like really REAL! What triggered all these questions I asked myself? Here. Let me tell you.


Well, since I had no choice than to take a serious break from social media (all thanks to the Holy Spirit), I was no longer swiping, liking and commenting so I felt bored. This made me realize how addicted I’d become to social media to the extent that I’m always excited to go online and when I don’t, I feel I’m missing out. Can you imagine? Can you relate to this? Wow! How did I get here? So, in a bid to get over this addiction and try to be productive, I started reading lots of blogs and oh my! I realized life is great outside social media and also that my real life comes first. Yesterday night, I decided to check out a blog by Tamunotonye Deborah Levybraide and I came across one of her blog posts (I’ll drop the links towards the end of this post) and I wept for some minutes because it was as if she was talking to me!!! Almost like, girl! Did you get into my mind? I was beginning to join the bandwagon and my page was becoming like a clone of other Instagram Pages. I wasn’t truly connecting and listening to my online community which includes you and I’m sorry about that. People have real life challenges and here I am, trying to create a ‘Picture Perfect’ of my life whereas I could share my struggles, advice, tips and we could all grow together.


There! I was selfish. I forgot my ‘Why’ and I guess it was because a part of me was scared it won’t get popular because I felt it was too original and flawed. I was afraid of sharing my light and journey.

Now how do all these concern you? Let’s be honest. As young people, we struggle a lot with identity; trying to find out who we really are and also struggling TO MAKE IT immediately so we can feel appreciated and ‘ball’ like others. Wow! That alone is a lot of mental stress I tell you and I go through it too. I’m sharing my journeys with you because I know somehow you can relate with me. That is why you are here in the first place right? Yeah! This is new for me. I suck at expressing my ‘messed up’ emotions so this post is an achievement to me because I wrote it from my heart which I hardly do. I’m evolving and I hope you do the same with me. Don’t be afraid of evaluating yourself and facing your weaknesses squarely. The world wants us to be, appear and look perfect but the truth is nobody is perfect and seriously, perfection sucks because the differences in us make us uniquely beautiful. I want to let you know that you are not alone in this journey of life and self-discovery. God got you and I’m here as well. We all have different paths and I’m learning to embrace mine so please embrace yours. If you need help doing that, I’m here to give you the push. Phew! Thanks for reading to this point. I love you and yeah! Here are the links to the blog posts that made me rethink. Shout out to Tamuno for being so original and for sharing.

Why You Need A Social Media Purge/Detox

The Journey Of My Evolving Creativity


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[…] media break which was so detoxifying. I shared some of the ways i’m re- tracing my steps HERE. I hope it blesses your heart. Please share your thoughts and blessings in the comment […]

4 years ago

Wow Thank you for pouring your heart out. Thank you. I could relate to everything you said and I know others will too. I’m so happy my post was able to speak directly to you the way it did. We thank God! I trust you to go on this journey and come out strong. God has got you always.

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