Slow Growth Does Exist And Here Is What You Need To Know About It

This is Day 8 of my personal ‘Blog every day for 14 days’ challenge and guess who is dancing? Me! I am showing up for the eighth time! Whoa! Okay! Let’s get into today’s post, shall we?

You know, it is so beautiful and fun to think of when an idea or vision comes to our head and we are so pumped to start. Beautiful! Oh my! You can’t wait to launch that project and boom! start making tons of money from it. You see so many prospects in it. Great! And then you start. You are so motivated and can’t wait for it to start paying off but then, a few months later, the results are not coming as envisaged. You tell yourself it is one of those things and keep pushing, after all, good things take time huh?

2 years later, the results you imagined are not there yet and you begin to get discouraged which is very natural because I mean, this is like a heartbreak; a huge disappointment.
So, I was watching one of Gary Vaynerchuk Instagram live videos and he mostly has this concept where one of his audience shares a problem they are encountering in their content creation journey and he profers a solution to them. Someone complained of this same scenario I played above and Gary replied ‘You have to be comfortable with slow growth’.


Whoops! I further meditated on this and here is what this means.
Slow growth most times is not a punishment for not working smart. I know we hear this a lot; ‘work smart and not hard’ which I agree but you see my dear, some things take time and time itself is a great storyteller. Different projects, dreams, visions, ideas, whatever you call it all have different natural growth rates. I’ll give you an example. A mom feeding and taking care of a baby with hopes for the baby to grow into an adult will not experience the same growth rate as a lioness nurturing its cub to become a Lion one day. Do you know why? The quality of what each of the different mothers is investing in is different. The ‘human mom’ is nurturing a human being with a higher level of intelligence than the lioness. It’s very normal for the ‘human mom’ to feel jealous when the cub blossoms into a Lion and wishes her baby will grow that fast but guess what? The mom won’t feel that way. Why? Because the ‘cub’s mom’ and the ‘human mom’ are working on an entirely two different projects/dreams and the ‘human mom’ understands timing.

I know our generation is a ‘make money quick’ one but can you be okay with pacing yourself and embracing your process? I know it hurts sometimes to see your works not blow up as you imagined but I need you to know that slow growth is not because you are lazy and not implementing the right strategies. Do me a favour. Encourage yourself in the Lord and keep showing up consistently. Tell God the way you feel and oh! he’ll reshape your perspectives to see yourself and your journey the way he sees it.

I know our generation is a 'make money quick' one but can you be okay with pacing yourself and embracing your process? Do it for yourself. Click To Tweet

Yeah. You are doing so well. You are not lazy and God knows you are putting your best but can you be okay if for now, nobody knows it but you and God? There’s a thing like slow growth and it doesn’t mean you are lazy. It’s just not your time yet so to say.

Keep pushing but don’t wear yourself out in the name of ‘smart work’.

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Beautiful post
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