The Reality Of Being A Single Mother In Nigeria ft Ronke Lawal – Episode 25

Shout out to all single mothers holding it down anywhere in the world. I wanted to do this episode to highlight what being a single mother in Nigeria is like and encourage people to stop the stigmatization because it is unbearable. Our guest on this episode; Ronke Lawal shared her journey as a single mom of three boys and how she combines it with coaching and helping other single mothers in her online community in Nigeria.

About Ronke Lawal

Ronke Lawal is a university lecturer, an aspiring author, a creative designer and digital products creator. Her sectors of interest are education, technology and self-improvement. She has two degrees in Computer Engineering and currently on her third while also registered with a diploma in Education with a passion for teaching.
She is a single mother of three wonderful boys & a sickle-cell carrier (aka warrior) with a genotype of HbSC.
 Miss Lawal also runs short online classes for learning how to design with Canva for brands and small businesses. She further offers ‘Pick-My-Brain’ sessions to help women (especially moms & single moms) get more clarity and productivity in life matters and business issues. She has also written ebooks on sleep training kids, time management and on forgiveness and healing
Ronke also known as ‘The Square Peg Wonder’ has a self-improvement platform for single moms in Nigeria.  Over 40 single moms on this platform enlighten and educate one another about anything at all they go through on their journey. It is a safe place to rant and celebrate wins with people who have been there and still are.
Every week, she shares deep insights and honest “up & down” stories about her life experiences with a hundred (110) people via her digital email letters. Her website is
For the Reality Check segment, I got a mail from a member of this podcast community. This person is already tired of 2020. Lol! There are tons of failed plans. I can totally relate. Honestly, a lot has happened this year and I perfectly understand. You can join this conversation by listening to this episode.
In the Common Sense Rule segment, I shared seven things you should never say or ask a single mother courtesy of

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