Utilize The Small Opportunities – Episode 3

Hey everyone! In the Issues Segment of episode three of the ‘Calm Down’ Podcast, i explain why you don’t need to get that big deal before putting in the work. There is so much beauty in working and starting with what you have. The internet has made it possible for us to have access to tons of information which can help with feasibility studies before starting a dream. You don’t need to have that DSLR camera before starting your own YouTube Channel you’ve always desired to start neither do you need to have a million dollars before starting that business. What is in your hand? Start with it!


In the Reality Check Segment, a member of the podcast community seeks our help and advice on how to stay and be content. Please drop one or two words of advice for him. You can do that by clicking HERE to drop your advice.


You know those people that like to drop dirty comments about people’s weight? We trashed them in this segment. If anybody comments on your weight again, eat them up! It’s not their business!


You can listen to the podcast on any podcast listening platform both on android and apple devices. Please share as well and leave me good review and ratings so other people can also discover my podcast. You can click HERE to follow us on Instagram and be part of the community.

Have fun while listening and i pray it blesses your heart as well!

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