What People With Albinism Go Through ft Oluwatomi Adeworan – Episode 23

I am trying so hard right now to articulate my thoughts on albinism and how much those living with albinism in some parts of the world are discriminated but words fail me because it is so devastating. Prior to this episode, I just wanted to get someone living with albinism as a guest to share their experiences but one thing led to the other and I decided to do an in-depth research on this. I was so shocked to find out that people with albinism are being hunted and killed in Tanzania, Malawi and some parts of the world. I was so sad because they face a lot of silent and most times, glaring discrimination talk less of being killed. I’ll link articles of survivor stories and a documentary towards the end of this show note.

The first-ever conviction for the killing of a person with albinism occurred on 23rd September, 2oo9 at the High Court in Kahama, Tanzania. Regardless of that, the killings continued. They are specifically hunted for their body parts most especially the hands, teeth and private parts which are believed to be potent in making money ritual medicines by witch doctors. This is so sad! I watched a video of this strong woman on YouTube who her neighbour of 10 years connived with hoodlums to hack off her two arms. You can watch the video HERE.

When these wave of killings and amputations started to get rampant especially children in late 2000s the country’s government set up temporary holding shelters/boarding schools to protect them. You’d think the killings have stopped because we are in 2020 right? Nope! It hasn’t! Actually, people living with albinism began 2019 with fear of renewed attacks as two suspects broke into 54-year-old Yassin Phiri’s house in Northern Malawi on New Year’s eve and stabbed him to death in front of his nine-year-old son.

My heart leapt for joy several times when our guest on this episode, Tomi agreed to share her journey living with albinism here in Nigeria. I love her confidence and fortitude and I know you will love her as well. One thing I learnt from Tomi during our conversation is how we can change our lives with the way we see ourselves regardless of our skin colour. One thing she said that still rings in my head is this: ‘There is also racism and discrimination against people living with albinism amongst blacks’. Phew! Do you also know that it is derogatory to call someone living with albinism an ‘albino’? (Laughs) I know you are surprised. Same here.

This episode is one to definitely listen to. This is to hoping that one day, I’ll find a person with albinism residing in Tanzania or Malawi to further share their journey with you and me on this podcast.

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About Oluwatomi Adeworan

Our guest on this episode is Oluwatomi Adeworan; an On-Air personality, mediapreneur, socialpreneur, entrepreneur and budding film director/film maker


Our Reality Check segment inspiration is from our guest Tomi and I am reminding you today that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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For the Common Sense Rule segment, I shared things you should never say or do to someone living with albinism. You should listen to educate yourself on this.

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Articles on stories of albinism discrimination

‘It felt like a punishment’: Growing up with albinism in Tanzania

The plight of people with albinism in Tanzania

A documentary: Born Too White – What it’s like to have albinism in Tanzania

The silent killer of Africa’s ‘albino’

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[…] What People With Albinism Go Through […]


[…] What People With Albinism Go Through […]

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