Your Natural Hair Questions…Answered!

A lot of people have asked me questions relating to natural hair especially on my radio programme. I couldn’t answer all because they were just too much. So, I decided to curate this post to answer your natural hair questions and if by any means, you forgot to send in yours, please drop it in the comment section and I’ll answer that immediately. Didn’t take all the questions individually but all answers are intertwined. So, read carefully. Hope you are good and edges are lit! Lol! Okay! Let’s get these confusions cleared.

Your natural hair questions...answered

  • What Products Do You Make Use Of?

Honestly, I just use the basic ones. I won’t deny the fact that I would love to try other brands but I’m just sticking to the basics and most importantly, what my hair loves. Discover a regimen that works for your hair and stick to it. Better still, if you want a detailed post on basic products for natural hair, click here

Basic natural hair products

  • How Do I Deal With My Edges While Transitioning?

Deal? Really? Lol! Are you fighting with the edges? Baby you need to take it easy on your edges. They are ‘baby hairs’ and apart from the ends of your hair being the weakest part of your hair, your edges are fragile and when lost due to constant pressure might lead to alopecia. It is best to do a lot of protective styles while transitioning. Make sure you visit a hair stylist that won’t over stress or pull at your edges. Massage your edges with oils like coconut and castor oil or it can be as basic as extra virgin olive oil or tea tree oil twice a week. Stop touching it as well! You might not relate but I have this friend that was in the habit of always touching her edges and girl! edges gave up and refused to grow.

  • How Long Did You Transition?

I transitioned for six months. I couldn’t wait any more but you can transition for as long as you want!. Some naturalistas transition for two years and gradually trim off the relaxed ends while transitioning. Sweetheart, Viola does not have fortitude to transition that long ?

  • How Did You Get Your Hair To Grow So Fast Just Five Months After The Big Chop?

The right hair practices will make your hair grow effortlessly. Be sure to eat balanced meals. If you feed on junk most times, your hair health will depreciate and won’t eventually grow. Another secret of mine is deep conditioning. I don’t joke with it. I deep condition once a week. My hair is of low porosity i.e products have a hard time penetrating. So, while shopping for deep conditioners, i purchase those recommended for hairs with low porosity. For the record, I also alternate between DIY hacks and store bought products. Lastly, I ensure my hair is moisturized all the time and I use water in a spray bottle to achieve this. Discover why you need a spray bottle for your natural hair here

  • What Hair Products Make The Hair Soft And Manageable?

A moisturized and well deep conditioned hair will be manageable and soft. For your moisturizer, water does the job or you can buy a water based product like a leave in conditioner. This softens my hair and I love that feeling. I use ‘Cantu’ but there are other great brands you can purchase. I also make use of ‘Sunny Isle Jamaican black castor oil intensive repair masque’ for deep conditioning and it’s really good. Still thinking of trying ’Alikay naturals’ but my purse won’t let me!

  • What Is The Essence Of Protective Styling?

Your hair tends to grow more when tucked under a protective style. The temptation to always touch and over manipulate your hair when not protectively styled is real. Trust me, it is. Protective styles here include braids, weaves, conrows, faux locks and the list is endless.

  • Does Indian Hemp Stimulate Faster Hair Growth?

Well, to be sincere, I have never used this on my hair but according to research, 80% of people who have tried this on their hair testified positively. I cannot give a definite answer because I’ve not tried it but be sure not to smoke it if you want to give it a try. Will be waiting for your feedback!

  • How Do I Get Rid Of Dandruff and Flakiness Naturally?

There are quite a number of things that can cure the problem of excessive dandruff

  1. Drink Water: Lack Of enough water in our bodies often leads to dry skin and scalp. Always drink enough water to avoid dehydration and to further improve the overall health of your body
  2. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, including lauric and capric acid. It has strong anti microbial and anti fungal properties that help target and kill the fungus and any troubling viruses or bacteria. Gently massage your scalp with a generous amount of coconut oil. Don’t use too much to avoid your hair getting too oily. In many cases, positive results start creeping in in less than four days.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV is known to provide instant relief from itchiness and may be your answer to flakiness and dandruff. Combine equal amounts of ACV with water and massage onto the scalp. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse off. Do this for nine to ten days and see if you notice any difference. If you notice any irritation, discontinue.
  • Any Cure For Baldness?

Honestly, I don’t think so. A contributing factor could be hereditary but I believe advanced medicine would definitely have the cure. I just hope the side effects won’t be terrific.

  • Why Don’t I Have Money For Kit?

This was the most hilarious question I got but I totally understand. You don’t need to be a product junkie to have your hair grow really long. Your products can be some DIY hacks like coconut oil, avocado hair mask deep conditioner (there are other great DIY hair masks) and whipped Shea butter. Water is the best moisturizer so what are you saying? But anytime you save enough money to spare on products, buy the basic ones. I published  a post on that here

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Natural hair questions answered



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5 years ago

Any Cure For Baldness? like you said its definitely advanced medicine where surgery is done to replace the bald space on that area and replace with a scalp with rich hair growth taken from any part of your body or genetically generated scalp.

Thanks for this tips!

Lucio Fryberger
Lucio Fryberger
4 years ago

Thanks to my father who shared with me concerning this blog, this blog is genuinely awesome.


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