Your Purpose Discovery Is A Process That Never Ends – Episode 6

In the Issues segment of episode 6 of the ‘Calm Down’ podcast, i explain why and how your purpose discovery is a process and journey that never ends even after we leave this world. Most times, we ask ourselves if the endeavor we are currently pursuing is our purpose and if we’ll ever find our purpose. Do you know that where you are right now is also purpose? Yes it is! Here are the bullet points this was discussed under.


⦁ Your purpose is like building a skyscraper. No material is more important than the other no matter how small it seems.
⦁ It is a process (Using Isaiah 28:10 as an illustration)
⦁ Your purpose is tied to even the most insignificant thing (Using David in the bible being a shepherd boy before becoming a king as an example).
⦁ Nobody finally discovers their purpose. It is in different dimensions.
⦁ Your purpose is also tied to the things you love doing that give you a sense of fulfillment plus those things you rant about that you’d love to change in the world.
⦁ Your happiness is also your purpose. Stop forcing it.
⦁ Purpose discovery is not complex but simple.


In the Reality check segment. i read out a mail sent by one of the Calm Down Podcast community member on how the previous Episode (episode 5) resonated so much with her as she almost committed suicide last year (2019).


The Common Sense Rule Segment had us looking at strangers that strain their necks when sitting beside you to read or see what you are pressing on your phone. Don’t also forget friends that when you give them your phone to look at a meme you came across on social media, they collect the phone and continue scrolling. Like what??


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[…] Your Purpose Discovery Is A Process That Never Ends […]


[…] Purpose Discovery Is A Process That Never Ends – Episode 6  […]

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