Avoid Your Clients Taking Advantage Of You In 2023 With These Tips | REAL BUSINESS TALK. Tap In!

These tips would help avoid sticky or messy client situations like late payments, zero communication, constant late delivery of deliverables to work with and clients disrespecting your boundaries.

This is for digital service providers like social media managers, social media strategists, email marketing experts, content creators, freelancers, Graphic designers, web designers, influencers and digital or social media marketing agency owners. 


Time Stamps In This Video.

0:00 Intro

0:25 Who this video is for

0:57 About me & my experience 

1:54 Tip #1: Take charge during the first discovery call

5:20 Tip #2: Do not add your strategy to a proposal

7:57 Tip #3: Downloading contract templates from Google

10:41 Tip #4: Make sure your contract agreements are ‘airtight’

12:49 Tip #5: Have a percentage deduction penalty provisions 

17:25 Tip #6: Always stick to your job description 

20:44 Tip #7: Always keep it professional no matter what! 

22: 06 Tip #8: It’s okay to fire or suspend a client.

24:02 Be honest & transparent with money

24: 32 Lead the communication. 

24:56 Give each client grace.

25:21 Be patient with each client.

26:06 Emotional Intelligence is very important. 

27:08 Outro (Share similar experiences in the comments)


I hope you found this helpful, please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos like this.  Shalom!

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