It’s Not Worth It If It Steals Your Joy

Recently. I’ve just been so worked up and frustrated about a lot of things. This lockdown is not helping matters too and I know a lot of us had great plans for this year, 2020 but can’t seem to do anything because of the lockdown and quarantine. That alone is enough to steal your joy so to say and leave you frustrated.

Here are some reminders. See, if whatever you are trying to figure out, steals your joy and leaves you restless, it is not worth it at all. God’s purpose for us is to enjoy his peace amidst anything that is why he will give us peace by all means but you have to cooperate with him to get and experience this peace. It’s just like someone trying to give you something. If you don’t stretch forth your hands to receive that gift, you won’t get it. That’s the cooperation I am referring to here. To rest in his unchanging love, you have to ‘rest’. Rest is the action word here.


I am sharing this with you from my personal experiences last week. I was so worked up and I am grateful for friends that sharpen and encourage you in your down moments. Whatever is disturbing and draining you now is not worth your joy. Rest my dear. It may seem bleak now but remember everything is working together for the good of those that love God and are the called according to his purpose. So, rest and cast that burden on Jesus for he cares for you.

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This is Day 11 of my personal ‘Blog every day for 14 days’ challenge and I am grateful to myself for showing up for 11 good days! Three more to go! Yayyy!


Right HERE, is the post I created on Day 10. I shared the best detangling and moisturising mix for 4c natural hair. You should check it out!

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[…] HERE, is the post I created on Day 11. I simply reminded you to stop worrying over that thing. If it […]

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