Life Lessons of 2017

LIFE LESSONS OF 2017 HELPING ME IN 2018                                                                                                                Phew! You might be wondering why I’m publishing this post now but I believe it’s still much important and will go a long way in helping and encouraging somebody. I must say 2017 was a wonderful year. A year i invested in so many ventures I’m passionate about. A year of sowing and I’m optimistic 2018 will definitely be a year of reaping. I learnt one or two things and I’m so grateful i did. My eyes were also opened to many things I’ve been blinded to.

Here are some of the things 2017 has taught me and hey! feel free to share yours in the comment section.

  • Do not judge: That phrase has always been an anthem in the mouth of many. I came to have an in-depth understanding of this last year. Like the popular saying, ‘One of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet are those covered in tattoos. I’ve met people you’ll subconsciously write off probably because of their lifestyle or outward appearance but turning out to be the most wonderful people I met in 2017. I’ll use a popular but bad attitude some people have as an example. I was in a plaza buying some piece of clothing when one poorly dressed man came in to inquire the price of some clothes. The shop attendant acted so absurd around him and gave him little or no attention. The man left angrily. As he was about to leave, he mistakenly bumped into another incoming customer and it happened that the incoming customer knew the man. After exchanging pleasantries with the man, the new customer turned to the shop attendant and asked her happily if she knew the man. She nodded non-affirmatively and she went further to tell the shop attendant that the man that just left is a wealthy business mogul. To cut the long story short, that was how she lost an important customer. I have a plethora of other instances but I hope this one does justice to this lesson. Don’t judge!
  • Love is the ultimate: I tell you, it is indeed the ultimate. Love can change anybody. It strengthens, encourages and edifies. It heals too. If someone is not treating you well, approach and follow up that person with love. You see, love can melt even the hardest of all hearts. It’s so beautiful. I know this might be difficult but it is worth it!


  • Man proposes, God disposes: I learnt this lesson the hard way! In the end, God’s will and word prevails. So you know what, never take an important decision without consulting God first. This will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. Trust me, you won’t regret it.
  • God’s time is the best: Exactly! Calm down! He knew you before the foundations of the world. Rushing into things and trying to figure everything out will drain you and might even make you prone to stress induced diseases. Enjoy the process and follow God’s timing.
  • See God in everything: This has really helped me a lot and I so much believe it was instrumental to my learning of not judging anyone. If you learn to see God even in the meanest of all, life becomes much easier. God is everywhere! Learn to appreciate that!
  • The best way to pray: I’ve always wondered what Jesus meant when he said, ‘Pray ceaselessly’ and i now understand! I thought I always had to pray aloud everywhere which is awkward but in the real sense, it means having your mind on God’s word always. I’m not insinuating you should be absent minded all the time but it is always keeping your spirit activated by meditating on God’s word constantly. Always remember, WE ARE IN HIM, HE IS IN US.

Yeah! That’s all! What has 2017 taught you? I would love you to share your lessons and experiences in one or two sentences in the comment section and don’t forget to wish me a happy new year though it’s late. Lol!

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5 years ago

Happy New year. Lol. Well 2017 taught me to wake up from the slumber of over dependence. That I alone would have to go through my challenges but with guidance from HIM.

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