Pray For Celebrities


Strange huh? I mean every single word of it. Pray for celebrities. There’s more to the smiling faces on the television screens and magazine covers. They are also human beings with weaknesses and sensitivity to pain. They cry too and it hurts more when a scandal about them is all over the internet i.e. if it’s not a publicity stunt. Most of them are wallowing in depression but do not have the courage to tell someone about it because of the existing perception of people about them that they are perfect and have everything going on fine for them. Assuming nobody knew them, gossip blogs won’t carry their stories and their past won’t be dug up and thrown at them in the face. If you are a fan, be a true fan. Do not be in a hurry to make fun of any celebrity scandal.

                     “Do not be in a hurry to make fun of any celebrity scandal.”

It’s not easy to be in the spotlight where gossip bloggers can’t wait to lay their hands on any dirty news about them because when they post it, it will generate a lot of traffic. Don’t get mad at them for not replying your direct messages. I mean, they get thousands of messages and you don’t expect them to go through all of them especially if they always have very tight/busy schedules. Fans keep them going. I tell you, sometimes they want to quit and get a quiet life but when they think of you; their fans, they get fired up. The least you can do is to pray for them. Jesus said, ‘pray for those in authority’ and whether you like it or not, they are in authority; be it political authority, entertainment authority, sports authority and so on. In one way or the other, they influence your life’ directly or indirectly especially celebrities who are believers. Pray that God will strengthen their inner man and enable them shine as light for Jesus wherever they are. That’s maturity and love on a whole new level! I know you might be wondering what you’ll get in return for doing that but our God who sees what you have done in closed doors will reward you openly. I want you to know this; whenever you pray for others, you indirectly pray for yourself.

          “Whenever you pray for others, you indirectly pray for yourself.”

Stop the hate and pray for them. They need it and might not tell you but trust me, they need it. You must not pray for all of them but you can start by praying for your favorite one; that one you admire and hold in high esteem. God bless you as you do so. As usual, share your thoughts in the comment section.


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5 years ago

nice writeup viola… keep redefining the definition of slaying


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