NYSC Camp Requirements; Important Things To Take To Camp + Check List

I know you are tired of all the tons of inaccurate information on all you need to go to Orientation camp with especially from WhatsApp groups. I was also frustrated and confused with all the information overload out there when i wanted to go to camp only for me to get to camp to discover i forgot some things and i made excess photocopies of documents. I’ve been there before and i’m here to help.

NYSC Camp Requirements Checklist

To help you stay super organized when packing all you need for camp, i created a check list for you. In this check list, i listed all the requirements for camp according to these categories:

NYSC Camp Travel Camp Checklist

  1. Documents: Here i listed all the important documents you’ll need in camp and the least number of photocopies to be done. Trust me, you don’t need to make 20 photo copies. You’ll regret it. If you are a foreign student i:e you studied outside Nigeria, I also listed all the documents you’ll need even for ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West African States) Countries.
  2. Clothing: Yes! All the white canvas/sneakers someone told you you’ll need plus other dresses/shirts you’ll need but might not know now until you get to camp is also listed here.
  3. Toiletries: How will you feel when you find out you forgot your panties or towel at home in a haste? Super bad right?  Don’t worry, i also shared important toiletries to pack in this check list.
  4. Others: You’ll also be needing torchlight and so much more. This is contained in the others section of this check list.

Now click HERE or below to grab your check list. You’re welcome! I’m so happy to help honestly. I wouldn’t want you to go to camp and  remember you forgot something important at home.

Click Here To Grab Your NYSC Camp Requirements Check List

If you encounter any problem getting this check list, please let me know by mentioning it in the comment section. I’ll rectify it immediately. Enjoy your camp dear! Do you have a friend going to camp soon? Share this post with them. They’ll so much appreciate it.

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PS: NYSC is the acronym for National Youth Service Corps, a one-year program set up by the Nigerian Government to involve the country’s graduates in the development of the country. We go through three weeks orientation in camp and spend the rest of the year serving the country in whatever assigned institution (schools, hospitals, ministries and so on.)


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[…] Related Post: NYSC Camp Requirements – Important Things To Take To Camp + Check List […]


[…] will help you stay super organized when packing for camp so you don’t forget anything. Click HERE to see and get […]


[…] Also if you are preparing to go to NYSC Orientation Camp soon, I created something for you. It is NYSC Camp Requirements Check list. It will help you stay super organized while packing for camp so you don’t forget anything at home. Check it out and grab yours HERE. […]

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Good evening, I just came across page now because I’m trying to read everything about Nysc in Ibadan… so yeah, am I supposed to pay for the list? If yes, it’s not going through

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