Three Reasons You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal – Episode 12

It is funny how our minds can easily focus on what we don’t have or our problems and totally forget all the beautiful things in our lives we should be grateful for.

In the Issues segment, Episode 12 of the Calm Down podcast, i highlight three reasons we should all keep a gratitude journal especially in these hard times. It is so important i tell you.

Three reasons you should keep a gratitude journal Click To Tweet


The Common Sense Rule Segment got me laughing seriously. I can’t take it anymore. We’re slapping sense into a particular type of people. People that act like this. Read the picture below.

Common sense rule (1)

In the Common Sense Rule segment, we are slapping sense into people that on social media agree with everything their favorite celebrity says whether right or wrong. These type of people have no sense of judgement and further fights… Click To Tweet

For the Reality Check Segment where we check up on each other, i got this mail from a member of our podcast community. This person is battling with fear of starting as he/she is very innovative but can’t start fleshing her ideas because of fear of failure.

Reality Check Segment (1)

Time start for the segments (When the different segments started in this episode)

  • Issues segment – 3:02
  • Reality Check segment – 11:39
  • Common Sense Rule segment  – 18:12

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[…] Three Reasons You should Keep a Gratitude Journal […]


[…] Three Reasons You should Keep a Gratitude Journal […]

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