Right Now I Choose To Keep Pushing Regardless

This is Day 2 of my personal ‘blog every day for 14 days’ challenge. Yesterday was very bad for me as I felt so discouraged and hopeless. I promised myself to get out of that dark place and I know that decision would have to come with a lot of strong resolutions.

I know I have felt disappointed and discouraged so many times in my content creation journey but today I choose to keep pushing regardless. If not for anything but for how much happy I am doing this content thing; even making this blog post now.

I choose to be grateful to God for providing me with the resources and fortitude to do what I love. I mean I have a laptop which I’m using to type this, the intellectual property, the gifts, good education and exposure. So, even if my emotions want me to stay drowned in discouragement and I can’t run or walk out of it, I choose to crawl out of it. I will LIFT UP MY EYES and draw strength from Jesus, the Almighty God.

So yeah, I don’t feel so discouraged as much as I felt yesterday. Right now, I choose to keep pushing regardless of all the fiery darts I get because he who trusts in the Lord is like Mount Zion that can never be shaken or be moved.

I’m happy I’m back to blogging consistently and doing it for myself this time. Cheers!

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And Hey! I care about you so much and I hope that just like me, you decide to keep pushing and trust God regardless.



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