Currently Battling With Discouragement…

Whoops! I feel vulnerable doing this but while I want to promote the amazing things I am doing, I don’t want to forget the real reason I started my blog in the first place which is to document my journey. I decided yesterday to start a personal 14 days blog post challenge which means I am challenging myself to make a blog post every day for 14 days! Let’s see how that turns out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing but sometimes I get super tired, overwhelmed and lonely in my content creation journey. Nobody told me lots of emotional tupsy turvies come with doing what you love. I think it’s because I am doing what I LOVE and ‘love’ is such a strong emotion. Most times, I feel invisible especially when I don’t get the envisaged results. Yeah! I know you are about to say I should take it easy but the thing is, this minute I am trying to take it easy and the other minute, I feel entirely discouraged.

I know I’ll get past this stage of allowing those feelings of discouragement swallow me but I want to write it all out here so tomorrow, when I read this, I’ll remember vividly well how I felt when I was typing this

You know, these feelings right now are the accumulated feelings of putting in so much work with the right strategies in place but the results blow up in your face. Sincerely, this is not a motivational post and I’m not about to share how to overcome this feeling like I would normally do. I’ll just feel it and shed tears like I’m doing now because I’m human. But, I’m hoping I don’t stay in this dark place for too long because I don’t like it here one bit.

I want to stop typing but just a little more to let it all out. Phew! I just took a deep breath. I wish I could encourage myself in the Lord but I’ll try. Quitting is not an option though because I love creating content but man! I feel so drained! And yeah, I don’t need a break. I’m still looking for words to better articulate this feeling but they are fizzling out of my fingertips so I’ll stop here. Please don’t feel sad reading this. It is one of those things, those moments and those days. You know what I mean. I hope to feel better and leave this dark place soon.

To read the next post where I shared why I’ll keep pushing regardless, click HERE.


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