Career Choice Frustration By African Parents + Spending 7 Years In University Studying a 5-year Course – Episode 27

I shed tears listening to this story the first time it was sent to me to be featured in the new ‘Stories Around The World’ series on Calm Down podcast. I could relate to it to some level and most Young African people can relate to this. It so much brings to light how this issue of some African parents choosing specific ‘popular’ career paths can destroy the child. These career options are mostly down to ‘Medicine, Law, Engineering. Pharmacy, Nursing and Accountancy’. Every other career path is deemed ‘dumb’. This was an anonymous submission hence the absence of a featured image. I am just happy that Mr Anonymous came to a point where he made peace with himself regardless of all the frustrations that came with the guardian’s decision in this case.

You should listen to this episode mostly if you are an African reading this. You will relate to it so much. You might not have experienced it personally but there’ll be someone you know that has and it will hit a bit close to home. Also, drop five-star ratings for this podcast and leave a review on any podcast app you use in listening to podcasts. I’ll appreciate that so much.

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