Growing Up Without A Present Father – Episode 28

The effects of growing up without a father especially an absent one have a lot of psychological effects on the child. How does growing up without a father affect a girl? It affects the girl in so many ways and in most cases, lead to her seeking validation from the wrong people especially in relationships when she becomes an adult.

The stories people keep sending in for the ‘Stories Around The World’ series reminds me of how people have different realities of life which can be shaped by so many factors like environment, experiences, beliefs and so on. I am so happy that this Anonymous person has learnt not to settle for less in relationships which was a ripple effect of her father being absent in her childhood days. One major takeaway is how much we underestimate the presence of a ‘present father’ in a child’s life especially while growing up. I hope that you resonate and learn from this short story. I also hope this story encourages you to make peace with yourself and overcome the anger of growing up with an absent father or without a father.

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