Kandice Benford Shares What Living With Vitiligo Feels Like – Episode 18

This is a vitiligo awareness episode. I decided to use this podcast as a platform to create awareness of vitiligo in the Issues segment. Vitiligo occurs when pigment-producing cells ie melanocytes die or stop producing melanin; the pigment that gives your skin, hair and eyes colour. The involved patches of skin become lighter or white.

The essence of this awareness is to let you know that there is a thing like vitiligo and there is nothing superstitious about it. I’ve heard people say unbelievable things out of ignorance and lack of empathy about this and it breaks my spirit.

I hope this short amazing conversation with Kandice Benford makes you see that what makes life beautiful are the varieties and differences. Here is a short biography of Kandice Benford who was our guest on this episode.

About Kandice Benford


Kandice Benford is from Terry. Mississippi. She is a hairstylist at The Glasshouse Salon in Jackson, Mississippi. She is a wife, model and vitiligo advocate. She enjoys being able to spread vitiligo awareness and helping others with self-love and embracing who they are. She doesn’t allow vitiligo to stop her from anything.

Kandice Benford shares what living with vitiligo feels like Click To Tweet

The Reality Check segment of this episode is a reminder to call all our loved ones and friends and tell them we love them today.


The Common Sense Rule segment rant was brought by Chinwuba Evelyn. Thanks a lot girl!! Evelyn Chinwuba better addressed as Eve Chinwuba, is a writer with the sole purpose of creating magic with her pen. She is an accountant by profession, a lover of God and everything humanity. You can connect with her on Instagram @eve_chinwuba 


We addressed people that won’t give you a prior notice before coming to your house. Man! It is so annoying! Lol!


Always call your friends or relatives first before going to their house. Don't call when you are already at the door. It doesn't make sense! Click To Tweet

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[…] Kandice Benford Shares What Living With Vitiligo Feels Like (Vitiligo Awareness Episode) […]


[…] Kandice Benford Shares What Living With Vitiligo Feels Like (Vitiligo Awareness Episode) […]

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