5 Apps That Make My Content Creation Process Stress-Free

I am dancing right now. This Day 7 of my personal ‘Blog every day for 14 days’ challenge and I am happy I showed up. Briefly, I’d love to share with you mobile Apps I love and makes my content creation so stress-free. You must have heard of some of these Apps I mentioned below, used or currently using them. So if you’ve been contemplating downloading any of them, this is the sign you need to go ahead and try them out.

Note: The phone I am currently using is Redmi Note 8 Pro and I’m so in love with it. Phew! All the apps mentioned below are available on Android and IOS.

1. Canva



Whelp! What would I have done without this App? Tell me, what? This App is so good and user friendly. I also use the web version on my laptop. If you don’t have any professional graphic designing knowledge but want to improve your content with images and gorgeous graphics, download this App. There are tons of templates to choose from. You can design your flyers, Curriculum Vitae (CV), rate card, media kit, infographics, the list is endless. There is a paid version but I use the free one and customize the templates to what I like. I shared a tutorial on how you can use Canva to create your vision board. Click HERE to check it out. This App is amazing and I 100% recommend.

2. Kinemaster


This App is a lifesaver, to be honest. It is perfect for editing YouTube videos if you are a YouTuber that films content with your phone. Jeez! And to think I just downloaded it 2 weeks ago. It has good professional editing features. However, you have to subscribe monthly to get the logo off and unlock premium features. I pay 1,400 Naira ($4) per month which to me, is pretty okay for the value I get from it.

3. Inshot


Another beautiful editing App. I love this app and with the free version, you get so many features and can remove their logo! All you have to do is to watch a 3-5 seconds Advertisement they show you which is a no brainer for me to get the Logo off! However, if your mobile data is off and you click on ‘remove logo’, it goes off without you having to watch an Advertisement. I use this to mostly edit my Instagram videos and YouTube thumbnails. I used to use it for my YouTube videos until I discovered KineMaster and KineMaster has my heart now.

4. Trello


This App is lovely! This App is more of like a scheduling tool and it helps me stay organized. I plan my contents ahead of time with this App. You can also set a To-do list to help you achieve a particular goal you’ve set for yourself on this App. If you have several content ideas you’d love to create in an upcoming week or month but tend to forget them all the time, try using this App to schedule and bring your ideas together. You can also set reminders and deadlines for them in this App.

5. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Page manager

I heaved so many sighs of relief when I downloaded this App and was surfing through it to learn how to use it. I struggled with keeping up with my Facebook pages and posting on them using just the Facebook app and I wondered for long how I could solve that. This App just made creating and posting content on my pages so easy for me. So, if you utilize a Facebook page as a content creation or posting platform, this App will make your life easier. Trust me.


These are the Apps! I am a minimalist and I try as much as possible to only keep things I need so when I say these apps are resourceful, they really are. What mobile apps do you use that are so resourceful for you? Please share in the comment section. I’d love to know.

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[…] If you’d love to read the previous post of my Day 7 challenge where I shared 5 Apps that make my content creation process stress free, click HERE. […]


[…] 5 Apps that make my content creation process stress-free […]

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