How To Create Your Own Digital Vision Board For 2020

Happy holidays everyone! Except if you’re reading this in 2020 and the holidays are far gone but it’s all good! The new year is fast approaching and to some, it’s exciting while to others, it’s quite daring and scary.
Creating your own digital vision board for the new year will really help you achieve your goals and also give you the determination to take practical and realistic steps to achieving them. Gone are the days we’ll tear out pictorial representations of our goals on magazines and stick them to a board which we’ll later call a vision board. This one i’m about to teach won’t take you more than thirty to forty five minutes. There’s also an info-graphic at the end of this post which you can download that has all the steps to create yours in simpler bullet points.


In case you are asking yourself now; what is a vision board? I got you! A vision board simply put, is a pictorial representation of your goals and dreams. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools that is available in everyone’s arsenal to achieve success in life. The use of vision board has been scientifically proven to be able to increase the activity of visualization through our minds. When we look at the pictures of the things we want, we will imagine the achievements, the happiness and the fulfillment we’ll get from them. Some benefits of creating a vision board for your goals are: it gives you motivation, solidifies your focus, gives you better chances of successes, makes you positive and happy, boosts your self confidence and makes you more determined. Guess what? I always use my vision board as my screen saver or as a desktop wall paper so i can see it every time i want to make use of any of the devices. Trust me, it will boost your confidence a lot.

Now we’ve established why you need a digital vision board, let’s dive into how to create yours.

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  • Get a pen and paper (or journal) and write down your goals in short simple sentences clearly. You can use the ‘Notes’ app on your phone to also do this. This will give you clarity and help you know specific pictures to get to represent those ideas. For instance, do you want to buy a car in 2020? While penning it down, you can write, i want (insert the type of car name here) in 2020. Now, while looking for a pictorial representation, you’ll just get a picture of the exact car model you want for the vision board. Also specify your goals by category eg: spiritual, financial, marital, career wise and so on.

how-to-create-your-own-digital-vision-board (2)

  • It’s time to get your goals in pictures. You can find pictures that visualize your goals on Google, Pinterest or Unsplash. There are also good sites you can download high quality pictures of your dreams for free but the aforementioned three are mainly where i get mine from.
  • If you’ll be using a laptop or desktop for this, create a folder and place your pictures in the folder for better organization
  • To merge all the pictures we’ve gotten by category in an arranged manner, i’ll need you to download an app called ‘Canva’ on your phone or you can simply click HERE to use the Canva website on your laptop.

I’ll be demonstrating this with the website version of Canva as that is what i always work with. You can also use the same procedures on the mobile app as it’s still the same thing.

  1. When you get to Canva, sign in. If you have an account already, log in. Click HERE to get started.


2. Click on ‘Create a design’ and select ‘Photo Collage’ from the drop down menu. Remember we’re merging all the pictures together so a Photo Collage is the best option to choose.

how-to-create-a-digital-vision-board-with-canva (2)


3. Choose any template from the numerous ones on the left bar and click on it. Then drag out all the pictures in the template so we’ll have a clean canvas to merge our pictures. Then click ‘upload’ and upload the pictures you downloaded representing your goals.



4. Then drag and drop your pictures into the white canvas we created. Be sure to resize all the pictures in such a way all the pictures you have, fit into the empty template just like i did in mine below. Then click ‘Download’ and download as a JPG file.




5. Then use your phone to edit so the collage would have a uniform filter. You can then use as your screen saver if you want to.




As my home screen saver!

There you go! This is how to create your own digital vision board. You can do this within 45 minutes maximum. Let’s be more intentional in 2020 and slay those goals for the new year. As i promised, here is the info-graphic for this post. You can press down on it to download for free!


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Thanks a lot for reading this far. Love You!

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