Be Kind To Yourself – Episode 21

When last did you take it easy on yourself? You’ve probably heard this ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’ but do you love yourself? Do you? Are you even kind to yourself?

This episode is a reminder of the need to take it easy and I’ll show you different ways you can show kindness to yourself. Don’t worry. I am not innocent too. I am most times very hard on myself so that makes the two of us. Be sure to listen to learn all the different ways you can be kind to yourself.

In the Reality Check segment, a member of this podcast community wanted to know if there is anything wrong with a 9-5 job. According to him/her, everybody makes it sound absurd to have one. You have to listen to hear the answers I gave and you can also share your views by dropping a comment on this podcast’s Instagram handle or send me a voice message on anchor by clicking HERE. It’ll be played in the next episode of this podcast.

The Common Sense Rule segment featured a rant from one of our fans, Uche Anaekwe: a bibliophile and fitness enthusiast. You can connect with her on Instagram by clicking HERE. We addressed the issue of people not asking for permission before video calling someone. It is so annoying!

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