Alexander Gray Shares His Story On Surviving Corona Virus (COVID-19) – Episode 20

I was so happy when Dr Alexander accepted to share this with us in the Issues segment of the podcast. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for his openness. Please if you know anybody currently battling with this deadly virus, please share this episode with them for encouragement. If you are also down with it, you should listen. I had you in mind while planning this content. Here is a short bio of Alexander Gray.


Short Biography Of Alexander Gray

Apostle Dr Alexander Gray’s ministry began with a divine visitation from the Lord in 1992 when the Lord delivered him from crack cocaine addiction, alcoholism and homelessness. He flows powerfully in the healing ministry as well as the prophetic. He is the founder and pastor of Living Love Ministries International Inc. of Bronx, New York. Apostle Gray is a motivational speaker, NYC Chaplain under the New York Chaplain of Community Affairs Bureau and a published author. His first work ‘Nuggets of revelation from on high’ was released in April 2014. He is in the process of releasing his second book ‘Send Judah into the battle’. He has had the opportunity to preach throughout the United States as well as internationally. He is also the founder of ‘Wings of Faith International Outreach’ a community-based organization that speaks to his heart’s cry which is to help the youths.

A Coronavirus survivor shares his story on how he survived the deadly virus and what the recovery process feels like. Click To Tweet


The Reality Check segment of this episode had me reminding us not to allow anything to steal our joy. If it steals your joy, It’s not worth it.


The Common Sense Rule segment featured a rant from one of our fans, Klawdia Onyii Anonu-Okonkwo; a teacher and Fashion Designer. You can connect with her on Facebook by clicking HERE. It was a continuation of the rant in Episode 18 where we addressed people that don’t call you before coming to your house. In this episode, we are speaking sense to people that come to your house and proceed to move into all the rooms. Like what is it? Oh my! Respect peoples’ privacy!


When you pay a visit to someone's house, sit in the parlour, sitting or waiting room. Don't start walking into all the rooms in their house or strain your neck to peep and see how they're living. Don't do that! Click To Tweet

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[…] Alexander Gray Shares His Journey On Surviving COVID-19 […]


[…] Alexander Gray Shares His Journey On Surviving COVID-19 […]

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