Surviving Viral Encephalitis at 18 + Lessons Learnt – Episode 7

Y’all! This episode was so hard for me to record. Lol! I was very skeptical as i felt very vulnerable sharing this. But here we are! I’m sharing this with you because i know it will encourage you in one way or the other and strengthen your resolve to trust God no matter what.
So, in 2016 i was diagnosed of Viral Encephalitis which is an inflammation (swelling) of the brain. I linked up a website explaining about this disease in details. So click HERE to read more about it if you want to.
Spending days in the hospital and being on oxygen plus being unconscious thwarted my plans of studying the course in the University i felt was the right path for me then. Not to spill the whole gist, i shared how trying that moment was for me and how God kept me through that time plus how he healed me.
I hope this episode inspires you to believe in the faithfulness of God and the fact he will never leave nor forsake you even to the end of the world.


There are no Reality Check and Common Sense Rule Segments. It’s just me sharing my testimony. Please listen and share plus don’t forget to give me good ratings and reviews in whatever podcast listening app you are currently using. I’ll really appreciate that.

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[…] Surviving Viral Encephalitis at 18 – Episode 7 […]


[…] Surviving viral encephalitis at 18 plus lessons learnt […]

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